To purchase a painting, please use the contact form at the bottom of the homepage. All paintings come ready to hang. Paintings marked NFS are not for sale.

Synthesis, 2019, 20×20″. Mixed media and oil on canvas

Apocalypse, 2019, 15×15″. Oil on canvas

Sexy Trees/Heat, 2019, 38.5×36.5″. Oil on canvas. NFS

Desertification, 2019, 35×35″. Oil on canvas

Portal, 2018, 30×20″. Mixed media and oil on canvas

At Sea, 2018, 20×16″. Acrylic on wood panel

Ghosts, 2018, 12×36″. Oil on canvas

Light Rail, 2018, 36×24″. Mixed media and oil on canvas. NFS

Sidewalk, 2018, 30×40″. Oil on canvas

Toxicant, 2018, 16×20″. Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

Dunes, 2018, 30×24″. Oil on canvas

View from City College, 2019, 32×23.5″. Mixed media and oil on wood panel