Lunar Autobiography

This series of four handmade sculptural books represents the lunar cycles: waxing, waning, full, and new. The books are composed of images that are loosely figurative or in relation to the feminine body or the moon in some way. Moon cycles often mirror those of women’s cycles, and the materials used also reflect this complex process. Delicate materials such as fabric, textile, or paper are used alongside harsher materials such as thick wire to represent the inherent resiliency of femininity. Book making, sewing, and “crafts” in general are associated with women’s work, and this series of books attempts to find a voice and reclaim that narrative in a positive way.

By paying attention to cosmic cycles, we also become more aware of our own physical and mental processes, which are often cyclical. Visualizing this process includes a variety of textures–the fragile with the durable, vulnerable with the complex, and texture representing both the landscapes of the moon but also of ourselves.

This also includes accumulation and depositing those materials to start afresh. The materials used primarily are fabric, wire, thread, cyanotype, plaster, and various papers along with items that would normally be discarded items such as hair, paper scraps, or lint. The wires and string represent the measurements of the female body which are endlessly critiqued and obsessed over. The processing of these materials reflects the metaphorical processes that the artist considers while making the work, and the labor-intensive process functions as a diary.