Portrait of Nostalgia

This work is a collage of sculpture, painting, video, and photography. I began by looking at my past, and considering the role that mundane objects play in forming identity. I began to collect objects from my childhood, items that would have been discarded, really anything that told a story about where I have been. I began to think of locations that have been formative to my sense of self, often places that are overlooked or fade into memory.

 The installation is about memory, nostalgia and the role that objects play in influencing the subconscious. By layering sculpture and projected video, the individual parts form a whole, as well as their own microcosms. This work is about regeneration, cyclical growth, and salvaging the past. In some ways, this work functions as a self-portrait and as a way to reconcile with the past and build upon it. It explores the idea of what it means to use something, and how this gives it meaning over time. It also questions the idea of waste and whether producing waste can instead be a generative process.